What we know & want to know about lakes!

Some things we think about lakes:

  • They can have strong currents
  • They can have waves
  • They can have waterfalls
  • We can swim in them
  • They sometimes have sand
  • They freeze in the winter
  • They have fish
  • They have minnows
  • They have plants
  • Ours has fresh water
  • They might have crayfish
  • They might have leeches
  • They might have frogs
  • They might have fisher people
  • They might have algae

Some things we want to know about lakes:

  • What kinds of things live in the lake?
  • How did Lake Winnipeg get sick?
  • How do currents work?
  • How do waves form?
  • What are the differences between fresh water and salt water ecosystems?
  • What is the life cycle of a frog?
  • All about fish
  • Why is algae bad for the lake?
  • How can we help to heal Lake Winnipeg?

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