The Dandelion Secret

The other day we were driving somewhere, and Milo remarked at how there were so many dandelions in people’s yards and that we should pick them. I told him that some people spray chemicals on their lawn to kill the dandelions, so they wouldn’t be safe to eat. He was shocked, and exclaimed, “What? Not everyone loves dandelions? We should tell them all the secret!” He’s so right about that – the magic of dandelions is really like a secret to much of the world. The kids took some time today to share some information and expose the secret about dandelions – that they are tasty, healthy, and a blessing to the earth!


Dandelions are really good because they are free and you can use the flowers to make cookies and pancakes.  Dandelion flowers are bright yellow with lots of petals and the leaves have jagged edges. Dandelions grow in soil and grassy areas.
Dandelions are helpful in a lot of different ways. They are healthy to eat because they are full of iron. Dandelions can be used to make dandelion flower wine or dandelion root coffee. Check out Laura’ Reeves’ book Laura Reeves’ Guide to Useful Plants for her Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee recipe.
Dandelion leaves may fight cancer and are good for fevers. You can use dandelion leaves or flowers for tea, and the flowers for fritters. Laura says not to eat the stems. Check out the fritter recipe in Laura’s book instead!
People should probably not spray their dandelions because you can make tons and tons and tons of stuff from them. Go check out Herb Fairies – there’s colouring pages, stories, and more to learn about dandelions.
People out at the lake shouldn’t spray their dandelions because that will go into the water and make the lake more sick, or keep it sick. Instead, you can pick them and eat them or use them for remedies!
We also have some fun dandelion themed colouring pages up in the colouring page free shop… please feel free to print and colour them and also send us your own drawings about dandelions.
Stay tuned for more info on what you can do with dandelions and some of our favourite recipes!
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