Heal the Lake Kids at the market

HTLK at the marketThe kids were inspired by our herbal learning and decided that grandma organizing a farmers’ market was a great opportunity to share the lake love and make some lake friendly products to sell. It was an amazing couple of weeks reading recipes, testing essential oil combinations, having product name round tables, and then actually being at the market!

They decided on a 50% donation of all proceeds to Lake Winnipeg Foundation.


The products they created so far are:

» Bug & Tick Shield ($5)

» Ditch the Itch spray (for sunburn, poison ivy, bites) ($5)

» Ditch the Itch powder (a calamine substitute) ($5)

» Weed Ninja (natural weed killer) ($3)

» Lake related colouring pages and stickers for kids to take (free!)

» I also designed some Lake Winnipeg prints to go along with their items ($7)

If you’d like to purchase something from our Heal the Lake Kids crew, please email us!


Here’s what the kids have to say about their experience:

Milo (6):

It was tiring! It was good to make homemade, lake-friendly stuff and to give away toys (the kids brought a little bucket of toys to give to kids who visited the market booth). It was fun to draw colouring pages and give them away!

My favourite product is Ditch the Itch spray.

Cohen (9):

I thought it was pretty amazing that we could make all the things we made. I couldn’t believe that we could make them all lake friendly. It was pretty cool. I was really excited that we had a lot of money in the end, because that meant that lots of money would go to Lake Winnipeg Foundation! I thought the whole thing was pretty cool and liked meeting new people at the market.

My favourite product is Bug & Tick Shield.

Breann (12):

It was awesome because we can help save the lake so we can swim in the lake without too much algae! I like the smells of the essential oils.

My favourite product is Bug & Tick Shield.


The most popular products at the market were Weed Ninja and Bug & Tick Shield!


HTLK making weed ninja 3 HTLK making weed ninja 2 HTLK making weed ninja HTLK making bug shield HTLK Ditch the Itch powder making HTLK Ditch the Itch powder ingredients HTLK Infusions HTLK Bug & Tick Shield HTLK Weed Ninja HTLK Ditch the Itch Powder HTLK Market Lake Wpg Prints

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