Lake Winnipeg Shared Solutions Exhibit

A really interesting exhibit at the Manit We hope you go see it. We think it would be really fun for you, too! Click the link above to go to the exhibit page.
These photos are from the Lake Winnipeg exhibit in the Manitoba Museum, at the Science Gallery.

Here are some things we learned:

  1. It’s good to have a rain barrel and use that water for your garden, instead of using the water from the tap.
  2. The more algae there is the less Moose there will be in Manitoba, because they’ll be drinking dirty water or not have water to drink until the lake gets better.
  3. Sturgeon are really big fish. As tall as a person. And they gave lots of nutrients, fat, meat, and oil to the people. There used to be lots but now there aren’t a lot left at all.
  4. The algae goes down to the bottom of the lake. The fish need oxygen to survive and the algae takes the oxygen that they need.
  5. A healthy lake has lots of insects and bottom life.
  6. Some farmers put manure and fertilizers onto their land and it goes all the way into our lake.


HTLK Co LW Exhibit2 HTLK Co LW Exhibit  HTLK Bre LW Exhibit

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